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Our Process

No two life journeys are the same. Every person has their own goals, objectives, desires, concerns and challenges.  Our process is designed to optimize your unique circumstances, and meet you where you are today, and where you're headed.

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Identify Your Why For Money

Personally, I value money for the freedom it provides.  I'm not huge on "stuff", but love experiences, and sharing them with people.  The more my money is in order and working for me, the more meaningful experiences I can have with the people I love.

Why is money important to you?  What do you value?  What are your goals, your aspirations, your desires for you and those you care about?  Who do you want to become?  These are the things that drive your financial model, and the things we'll consider with every meaningful decision.

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Get Organized

Aggregate all your financial information on your personal financial website.  Know exactly where everything is, and what it's worth.  Income, debt, investments, insurance, all of it.

You'll find that getting organized empowers you to weigh and measure important financial decisions before you make them.  None of these decisions live in a vacuum.  Every one has rippling effects throughout your financial life. How can you know which pieces to move, and what impact they'll have on the game, if you don't even know which pieces are on the board?

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Identify Lost Opportunity Cost

Once we've established your personal financial website, we'll comb through your finances, and identify specific areas for improvement.  Things like unrecognized tax benefits, poorly designed insurance policies, and costly investment strategies are some of the most common areas we find lost money.

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Implement The Model

After we've uncovered your "why", helped you get organized, and identified the potential areas of improvement, we'll rearrange the pieces of your financial picture for optimal financial outcomes.

What this looks like can very from person to person, but it often involves making sure you're interfacing with financial institutions in alignment with your best interests, not theirs.  Making certain your household cashflow is sufficient and protection is adequate.  And ultimately, implementing a set of rules to program your money to ensure it's working for you, and not the other way around.  

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